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Related article: Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 13:42:00 -0700 (PDT) From: 3Q Subject: After School Special 4Here is chapter four of After School Special. Please do not include email message header info in the post.Thanks for all you do:) After School Special - Chapter 4 (mt, ws, drug use) _____Begin_____ When we got to Allen's house out in the country, it Preteen Nude Model was in a nice subdivision. The houses were about 50 yards apart, so there was privacy but still a feeling of a neighborhood. We pulled in to the driveway behind an old Audi. "Good, my mom's here," Allen said. We got out of the car and went inside. In his house, the decor was very natural and earthy. There was even some macrame art on the walls. When his mother came around the corner into the living room, she confirmed my guess. She was a happy old hippy. She work flowing flowered gauze, had long curly blond hair and a smile that just lit you on fire. "Mom, this is Mr. Davis." "You can call me Hank," I said, and shook her hand. "I'm Diane. It's good to meet you, Hank. I never heard much about Allen's classes, but I heard about you. You must be a very special teacher." My mind started to wonder. Was there innuendo in her words? "Well, sit down," she offered. Allen and I sat on the couch while she sat next to us in a platform rocker covered with a quilt. Allen sat close. She was close to me, too. I started to feel that this family was very intimate. "Hank and I hung out at his house last night, and we had a great time, Mom. He's got a great house that's up..." I lost track of what Allen was saying. I had glanced down to the coffee table, and that's when I noticed. In the old fashioned cut glass candy dish there on the table, there was a nice little stack of...joints. Allen's mother had joints pre-rolled and laid out on the table. "Go ahead, Hank," his mother interrupted my thoughts. "Go ahead and have one," she said. She reached under the table and pulled out a lighter and offered it to me. I looked at her, and I looked at Allen. It took me a second. "Do you guys want some hibiscus tea," his mother asked as she got up. "Sure, Mom," Allen answered. And then Allen picked up a joint and the lighter. He held it to his lips and lit it up. He took a drag and passed it to me. I Preteen Nude Model came out of my stupor and took the joint from him. I took a good drag. I was going to need this. As I held the smoke in my lungs, Allen looked up to his mother who was walking in with the tea. He took our glasses and set them on the table, wiped his damp fingers on my shoulder and took the joint. Allen took a drag and the leaned across me, laying his body across and against mine in full contact. As he reached from my right towards his mother on my left with the joint in his right hand, his other hand planted right in my lap and he gave it a squeeze. This was a different house than I had grown up in, that was for sure. His mother took the joint and took a good, gentle, long drag on it. She closed her eyes, held her breath and held out the joint to me. I took it and just sat for a moment, looking back and forth to mother and son. They both sat, with their eyes closed, smiling. Then when I looked at Allen again he opened his eyes and blew a kiss to me. The pot hadn't even hit me yet and this place was blowing my mind. I took my drag. His mother released her hit, and opened her eyes. She look at me, still smiling. Then she spoke. "So how long have you two been in love?" I started to cough, to let out the smoke, and coughed some more. This woman had just seen right through us. And in about 60 seconds. "I loved him the first time I saw him, Mom," Allen answered. "I walked into his class, and he had some music playing, Led Zeppelin, I think. He looked up from his desk and smiled, and I think my heart actually stopped for a second." They both smiled and Allen took the joint from me. As he took a hit, his mother said, "it's easy to tell that you love each other. And how about you, Hank? When did you first start to love my son?" I paused for a moment. I hadn't thought about the exact moment. It was sometime after he appeared in my class. I guess I noticed him right away, but we didn't speak until after that first class. "I guess Preteen Nude Model it was that first day, too. I'm always nervous the first day of classes trying to get everything done. Trying to make that first impression, you know, strict but nice? Then after class, Allen walked up to my desk to ask me about supplies. I thought it was a bit strange, since I had just gone over it, but he wasn't really asking that. He leaned onto my desk with both hands, getting close to me. I smelled his beautiful sweet smell, his breath like mint tea, his warm body like..." I thought for a second, "wow, I just realized. His smell was like boy and marijuana mixed together in a sweet, bright smell that warmed my skin." I had closed my eyes sometime when I was talking. I guess this was good stuff we were smoking. Between my memory and the herb, I was completely transported for a moment. "Then when he spoke," I continued, "it was like a gentle warm voice that somehow seemed familiar. He had me then." I turned to Allen and smiled, and then he leaned forward, took my head in his hand, and kissed me. I started to pull back for a second, the last of my inhibitions then fell away, and I returned his kiss. "Well, I'm very happy for you both," she said. We sat and chatted for a bit longer, sipping the incredible tea, smoking the finest herb (which she mentioned was Hawaiian, that's why it was so sweet). She told me a little bit about her life, Berkley, Peace Corps, a commune, all the classic sixties life experiences, except she was only in her thirties. She had followed her parents' footsteps. Allen's father had been one of the men at the commune, which his parents had founded. Though they were never sure if it was Forest or Water, both twin brothers who Diane had loved equally. She considered them both to be his father. They had died when the government had raided the compound in the eighties. Part of the elder Bush's war on drugs. The DEA and local authorities had gotten a tip the commune was growing marijuana, which turned out to be false. They had stopped growing back in the seventies, but some of the neighbors still held their grudges against the happy, free people who lived there. The authorities had decided to come crashing in with a bull dozer. They smashed into the gates when the whole group was meditating in the early morning. When they knocked down the gates, Forest and Water had been sitting right near them, the big wooden gates crashed down on their heads, killing them when the dozer ran on top of the wood and crushed them. Allen still had a big extended family in this area, all people who had lived at the commune and had moved away, a large contingent of whom had settled around Littlefield. "I'm so happy that Allen and I have had such a nice life here. I'm very happy that he's found someone so special, too," his mother said. We sat for a few moments, sipping and dragging. Then his mother stood up. "I have to get moving now," she said. "I promised Aaron that I would stop by this afternoon. Our neighbors are great here, Hank." She reached out and took my hand, "it's great to have met you, Hank. You guys relax and I'll see you later." She walked from the room, and Allen and I sort of slumped together on the sofa. We leaned against each other, relaxed and happy, for a while. We heard the door closed, and cuddled some more. After a few minutes, Allen turned towards me, "I'd like to pack up some stuff to take back to your place Hank," he said. "I'd like to stay for a while." "Allen, I'd like you to do more than that." "What do you mean, Hank," he asked. "I'd like you to move in, Allen. I want you to stay." I couldn't believe that it was happening so fast, but it felt so right. "Let's pack some things up then, come on," Allen replied and he started to get up. I pulled him back down to the sofa, and took his head in my hands. I kissed him. I kissed and took his lips between mine, one at a time. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and tasted his hibiscus teeth and tongue. We kissed for a few minutes and then looked at each other. "Show me your bedroom," I said to Allen with a smirk on my face. "Mr. Davis, I want to show you my room," Allen replied with a bigger smirk. He got up and took my hand. He led me down a hallyway and down a few stairs to another level of the house. He led me into his bedroom which was huge and in a part of the house by itself. He had a big room, a big closet, and his own full bath. He led me in, and pulled me suddenly fast, throwing me onto his bed which was covered with a big tie-dyed bedspread, that was messed up, and covered with some clothes. When I landed on the bed, I smelled him. It was the essence of Allen. It was like being surrounded by him and it was wonderful. Allen fell on top of me. And right away he started to kiss me passionately. His mouth crushed onto mine and he sucked and licked and tongued my mouth with a vigorous passion. His hands were all over me, rubbing me, grabbing me, pulling me towards him. He broke our kiss for s second. "Mr. Davis, you don't know how many time I laid on this very bed and dreamed about you. Stroking my cock and rubbing my hand over my body, wishing it was you, dreaming of you touching me, and fantasizing about you here with me, naked and feeding me your cock." He fell onto me again, and I returned his passion. We started to rub each other through our clothes, everywhere. His hands grasped my biceps, my shoulders, then slid down my chest and around my sides. I took a hold of this boy, and firmly rubbed his back, sliding my hands down to his ass, and sliding them inside the back of his shorts to feel his firm, smooth ass. Then I took a step to fulfill Allen's fantasy. I sat up just a bit, holding him tightly and rolled over. I was on top of him and I pushed myself up a bit, breaking our kiss. I looked down and smiled as my hand slid, slowly down his chest and stomach to his crotch. I took a hold of his hard cock through his shorts, and grasped it firmly, pulsing my grip on his hard boy cock. Then I moved up and unbuttoned those shorts, and pulled down his fly. I reached inside and got a hold of his cock directly, and pulled it up and over his shorts. I stroked it a couple of times and then let go. I raised up on my knees and started to walk on my knees up along his body. I looked down at him and smiled. I walked up to his chest and looked down at him. Slowly I took my shirt in hand, and pulled it up over my body. I pulled it up slowly over my head, and then off and tossed it over on his floor. I looked down at him and smiled again. His eyes were half closed and filled with lust and desire. I reached down and leaned a bit closer and pulled his head up off of the bed and pulled his face into my Preteen Nude Model stomach, rubbing his face across the fuzz of my belly. Then I let his head back down, and reach down to Preteen Nude Model my own shorts. I didn't unbutton them, just unzipped them, and reach in to haul my cock out. I moved up just a bit more and leaned forward to rub my hard cock on Allen's face. He moaned and swiped his tongue out as my cock passed over his lips. I slapped his face a bit with my cock, and he moaned. He said, "Oh, Mr. Davis, please let me lick your cock, Please, Mr. Davis." I dipped the head of it in his mouth, and let him suck on just the head. I swirled it around his mouth and dipped it in and out a few more times. I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down to my knees. Then I raised up on on my arms and toes, and Allen slid my shorts down to my ankles so I could kick them off. I moved up until I was kneeling over his head with a knee at each ear. I reached a pillow, and slid it under Allen's head. I swabbed my hard cock back and forth across Allen's face with my hand. "Feed it to me, Mr. Davis. Please let me suck your cock. Please, Mr. Davis." "You want it boy? You want my big hard dick in your mouth? "Yes, Sir, Mr. Davis, please let me suck your big, hard cock." I fed it into his mouth, fucking it in and out, as I slid it further in, little by little. I leaned forward and placed a hand on the wall above Allen's head. I started to fuck his face. He moaned loudly each time I shoved it in, as it slid down his throat. The vibration made me soaring over the edge. I started grunting with each thrust. My pace increased, and with just a couple of dozen more strokes, I cried out, and came. I came hard, and jammed my cock far down Allen's throat. He grunted and moaned. He gasped for air, and yet I could see a smile on his face. I slowly drew my cock out of his mouth, and sat back on my heels. My ass was resting lightly on Allen's chest. We were both breathing hard, and smiling at each other. I stroked Allen's face with my hand, and he rubbed his hands on my thighs. We looked at each other with smiles, then Allen closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. His smile turned mischevious. He breathed in again and said, "God, Mr. Davis you smell so hot. The sweat and heat of your balls and crotch are making my mouth water." Then he slid his hands along my thighs again, and continued around to my ass cheeks. He pushed on my cheeks and forced me to move forward. I lifted up off of his chest and he pushed me firmly forward. I moved my knees up and moved my crotch forward along his face. My balls danced over his nose and his toungue snaked out and through my skin and hair. Allen reached up and pulled the pillow out from under his head, and pushed me up some more. Now my hole was resting on his mouth. He started snorting, and licking, and lapping at my hole. He started to swab it with his tongue, and poke his tongue at my hole. He licked and lapped, and continued to breathe in deep breaths. I could feel him moving his arm, and looked over my shoulder to see him pounding away at his hot bone. The slapping of his arm on abdomen was loud. It was increasing in tempo, and Allen's snorting and heavy breathing turned to moans again. With a couple of more grunts, he came. He shot high and hard, splattering my back. I felt the loads splash against my back and start to run down my spine. The splashes ran down my crack, and then I could feel my hole and Allen's tongue get wetter. Allen's fresh hot cum had run down my back and along my crack to meet his lashing tongue that was tasting and stabbing at my hole. I heard Allen suck and take in his own cum. He licked and swabbed and suck his cum into his mouth, cleaning it all off of my hole and licking up my crack to catch the rest of it. Allen continued to clean out my crack for a while, licking and sucking. After a bit more, I started to move back until I could swing around and lay next to him. "You are such a sweet boy, Allen, sex with you is incredible," I said. "Hank, not only are you more than any of my dreams, but it is so great making you happy. I just love it." We lazed on the bed for a while. Then we decided to get up and get packing. Allen was going to stay with me "for a while," so we were getting his essentials which consisted of two other fashionably raggedy shorts, his two pairs of boxers, a handful of t-shirts, a laptop, and a very special looking red cedar box (big enough to hold an average sized cigar box). I was sitting on his bed (with my clothes back on) watching him pack, and looking at a drawer of pictures next to his bed. It seemed to be a mix of old pictures from his parents' youth, and pictures from Allen's own past (all 17 years of it). What was noticeable was the number of pictures where Allen was virtually indistinguishable from his father. His history was his past and his fathers past and his own future, all jumbled together in the drawer. Something appropriately chill was playing on Allen's stereo when we heard it. It was a sound not unlike the sounds that Allen had made, but something was just a bit different. It was, something that was like Allen's own adolescent voice, but different, it was, higher. Higher as in, younger. It was clearly the sound of a teenager in heat with the muffled tones of an adult grunting in the background. In my slightly baked state, I just started down the hall towards the sound without thinking about the fact the I was exploring someone else's home. But then I came to the door that the sound was coming from, and I looked inside. I just turned my head towards the noise, and I saw, a young man, fucking a clearly younger boy. I stood and watched for just a minute when I felt Allen come up beside me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and we both watched for a minute. It was a good fucking. The 20ish guy was fucking the younger guy hard. And they were both enjoying it. Allen said, "Gary? Is that you, Gary?" The older guy who was doing the fucking turned towards the door then said, "Allen? You're home?" "Yeah, dude, and just a little surprised." "Well, this little horndog was begging for a fuck, and I couldn't do it in his house, he's too noisy." Allen turned to Hank and started to explain. "Well, Gary is the guy who first helped me start blackmailing my customers. It was his deal when he was at LHS, and he actually groomed me to take it over my freshman year. He lives on the other side of the ravine out back, and Preteen Nude Model apparently Tommy here, whose parents, the Evanses, my mother went to dinner with, needs a fuck, but doesn't want to have his aunt who's babysitting overhear. So I guess our guest bed is safe territory, eh?" Allen started to turn towards them and Gary said, "I talked to your Mom about my little bunny here, who was humping me on the couch next to my parents, and how I could spend time with him. She suggested the guest bedroom." We looked at Gary and Tommy, and then Gary said, "do you guys mind if we finish and then talk to you?" "Not at all," Allen replied, " do you mind if we watch?" "Tommy?" Gary looked at him to get his permission. "I don't care, just please let him fuck me, please!" "Go, man, go," Hank encouraged. With that, Gary started to fuck Tommy again. He started pulling what must have been a really long dick in and out of Tommy's ass. He rapidly picked up the pace, and the front of Gary's thighs started slapping Tommy's ass cheeks loudly. "Yes, Gary, oh, oh yes," Tommy grunted, "fuck me hard, please!" Gary drove it home so hard that Tommy was moving on the bed, and the entire bed was shaking too. Then Gary screamed, "Ahhhhhhhhh!" And with that he stopped with his big cock buried to the hilt in little Tommy's ass. "Oh, oh, ayeeee," Tommy screamed, sounding like a girl. Then his dick started to shoot, and the first squirt landed on his face, a big shot, the another and another. Something like ten hard, full shots hit Tommy in his face, from his own cock. They were both breathing very hard, and looking vary satisfied, both with their heads thrown back. Then Gary leaned Preteen Nude Model down and started to lick Tommy clean. Their faces mashed together as Gary licked up Tommy's cum, swallowed some and gave the rest to Tommy on his tongue. "That was awesome Tommy," Allen said. _____ Disclaimer: If you are too young in your jurisdiction to read this, then I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your education. Perhaps one day you can change those silly laws. If it is for some reason illegal in your jurisdiction to read this, well then perhaps you can arrange for the local constabulary to spank you. Oh, that sounds nice. If you have positive suggestions or praise, you can email me at I'll try to answer. If you have negative responses, please take a moment to contemplate the mistakes of your existence, then pray to your large toe and ask it if you should really add your shit to my life. I think that I hear it answering you right now - it says no. None of this happened, and whether any or all of it should be illegal is up to you. Don't break the law and get caught. Nifty can do as they wish with this story, others may do nothing with it, expect read it, as it's mine (i.e. the author grants the Nifty Archive a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display the work on the nifty archive and mirrors only). _______End_____
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